May be You have your garment business or software industry, but the thing that comes first in  your business is strategy. A sophisticated strategy and consultation help  where you want to reach and wherever you want to go. To implement this, some of your organization’s who are most industrious and highly experienced people they need some time and commitment. So, if your team is not willing to invest whatever you need, then we recommend that you Don’t do it because the poor plan is often worse than a plan. Monir IT Village Creative Studio is one of the leading website development companies in Bangladesh, offers optimal strategic advice for your business needs.

We will provide you a winning strategy that suits the situation  of your company’s external situation and its internal resource strengths and competitive capabilities, Our strategy will build competitive benefits, and boosts your company performance.

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What You Need Before You Have a Strategy:


A SWOT – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis is a great way to formulate for developing a strategic plan. You must identify these final components of your company. These are often the enacting block of strategic planning.

Market  Segmentation

If you want to spread the success rate of a communication message, then dividing the useful customers among different groups is important. If you do not know who you are talking to, then you will not get the response. Who is the potential customer? How many sub-groups should you share with them? We answer these questions in different ways.


For the purposes of advertising, targeting is the process of communicating with the right segments and ensuring the best possible response rate. For FMGC or Companies Selling Cars  the primary targets always varies, so how we can reach to them should be our main marketing concern.

Almost every business in the world  deals strategically for some time, such as whether it is listed on the market, or when a new product will be lunch in the market, no matter what you plan on, the strategic thinking behind is essential – know your audience, watch them efficiently and Sort the brands in a way that will always benefit your business and take you to the path of progress

Without a clear business strategy, how can you understand where your business is going? How do you know what to do to go to targets? Please contact us for any suggestions for website development strategies or strategic plans. We love to hear from you ….

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